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Comparative Summary of Differences In Corporate Governance Standards
  Pursuant to Section 303A.11 of the Listed Company Manual of the New York Stock Exchange, “foreign private issuers” are required to provide a summary of the significant ways in which their corporate governance practices differ from those corporate governance standards required of U.S. companies by the New York Stock Exchange. As a Chilean bank, our corporate governance standards are governed by our by-laws, the Chilean General Banking Law, the Chilean Corporations Law, the Ley de Mercado de Valores No. 18,045, or the Securities Market Law, and the regulations issued by the SBIF. The following chart notes these differences:
NYSE Corporate Governance Standards CORP BANCA'S Practices

Listed companies must have a majority of independent directors and independence test.

Publicly traded companies (sociedades anónimas abiertas) must designate at least one independent director and a directors committee, if they have a market capitalization equal to or greater than the equivalent of 1,500,000 unidades de fomento, and at least 12.5% of its issued shares with voting rights are held by shareholders who individually control or own less than 10% of such shares. Under Chilean law, directors elected by a group or class of shareholders have the same duties to the company and to the shareholders as do the remaining directors, and all transactions with the company in which a director has an interest, either personally (which includes the director’s spouse and certain relatives) or as a representative of a third party, requires a report from the directors committee and the prior approval by the board of directors and must be entered into the interest of the Company and on market terms and conditions. Such transactions must be reviewed by the directors committee and disclosed at the subsequent shareholders’ meeting.

Non-management directors must meet at regularly scheduled executive sessions without management.

Chilean law establishes that our executive officers may not serve as directors and therefore, all of our directors are nonmanagement. Our Board of Directors meets regularly on a monthly basis.

Listed companies must have a nominating/corporate governance committee composed entirely of independent directors. The committee must have a written charter addressing the committee’s purpose and responsibilities, which must include (i) identifying, and selecting or recommending, qualified individuals to serve as board members, (ii) developing and recommending corporate governance guidelines; and (iii) overseeing the evaluation of the board and management.

Under Chilean law, we are not required to have, and do not have, a nominating/corporate governance committee. Under Chilean law, the only committees that are required are the audit committee, the directors committee, the anti-money laundering committee and the anti-terrorism finance committee.

Listed companies must have a compensation committee composed entirely of independent directors. The committee must have a written charter addressing an annual performance evaluation of the committee and addressing the committee’s purpose and responsibilities, which must include (i) determining and approving the CEO’s compensation level based on an evaluation of the CEO’s performance in light of relevant corporate goals and objectives, (ii) making recommendations with respect to non-CEO executive officer compensation and (iii) producing a committee report on executive officer compensation.

Under Chilean law we are not required to have a compensation committee. Our Board of Directors establishes the compensation of our CEO and does a performance evaluation. The Directors Committee examines the compensation program of executive officers.

Shareholders must have the opportunity to vote on all equitycompensation plans and material revisions thereto, subject to limited exemptions.

Our compensation policies do not provide for equity compensation plans.

Listed companies must adopt and disclose corporate governance guidelines. The guidelines must address (i) director qualification standards, (ii) director responsibilities, (iii) director access to management, (iv) director compensation, (v) director orientation and continuing education, (vi) management succession, and (vii) annual performance evaluation of the board

We follow corporate governance guidelines established by Chilean laws and by the Regulations of the SBIF which include, among others (i) active participation of directors in our main committees, (ii) the requirement that all employees sign and be knowledgeable of our code of ethics, (iii) a separation of functions — our commercial segment is separated from the back office and risk segments and main credit decisions are taken in committee, (iv) monthly review by the audit committee of internal audit reports and (v) the appointment of an officer who oversees compliance with the code of ethics.

Listed companies must adopt and disclose a code of business conduct and ethics for directors, officers and employees, and promptly disclose waivers thereof for directors or executive officers.

We have a code of business and ethics conduct which drives business and ethic conduct of our CEO, CFO and each employee. This code must be signed by each of our employees and is published in our intranet; it is included as an exhibit in this Annual Report.

Listed companies must have an audit committee that meets the requirements of Exchange Act Rule 10A-3 or be exempt therefrom. If the company has an audit committee, each member must meet Exchange Act Rule 10A-3(b)(1) independence requirements or be exempt therefrom. In particular, Exchange Act Rule 10A-3(b)(1) requires that each member of the audit committee be a member of the board of directors of the issuer, and must otherwise be independent.

Under Chilean law, all Chilean banks must establish an audit committee composed of two or more members, two of whom must be directors appointed by the board of directors. The SBIF recommends that at least one of the members of the audit committee, who must also be a member of the board of directors, be experienced with respect to the accounting procedures and financial aspects of banking operations. The members of the audit committee appointed by the board of directors must be independent according to the criteria set by the board of directors. In furtherance of the independence of the audit committee, the Board of Directors has determined that audit committee members should not, for the last three years, have held positions as our principal executive officers, have performed professional services for us, have commercial commitments with us or with any of our affiliates or related persons or have relations with other entities related to us from which they have received material payments. Moreover, they may not accept any payment or other compensatory fee from us, other than in their capacity as members of the audit committee or of other committees. All the members of the audit committee receive a monthly remuneration.

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